The Rise (and Fall?) of ASW Ping Pong

by Amy Oh A new sensation has taken over ASW: ping pong. Students spend time playing with their friends during free periods, break, lunch, and after school. They lay out multiple ping pong tables in the new building hallway. It seemed likely that the activity would be momentarily paused due to IB finals, but students kept playing it in the HS commons area. Some teachers … Continue reading The Rise (and Fall?) of ASW Ping Pong

Goodbye to All That, Seniors

by Amy Oh Last Friday, the 21st of April was the last day for the seniors. Various events were held to send them off with great memories. To celebrate the end of their school days, seniors had a hand-printing ceremony during break, leaving their multicolored marks on the walls of the staircase. The ceremony started with a speech from Mr. Sheehan, followed by one by a senior. … Continue reading Goodbye to All That, Seniors

JV Girls Take On CEESA Basketball

by Amy Oh The CEESA JV Girls Basketball tournament took place in ASW last weekend, 10th to 12th of March. Two equally divided ASW teams participated; the White team came 5th and the Red team came 4th. Schools from Bucharest, Prague, and Moscow also participated and the Prague Falcons won the 1st place trophy. According to Coach Berntson, “it was a successful season regardless of … Continue reading JV Girls Take On CEESA Basketball

The Math Team Returns from CEESA

by Amy Oh The ASW math team dominated the CEESA Math competition in Moscow from the 3rd to 4th of February. They swept 1st and 2nd place individual in the senior division and got 1st place for group senior division, as well as 2nd place in group junior division. On the 2nd of February, the team gathered in the morning at the airport to fly to … Continue reading The Math Team Returns from CEESA