Lockdown, A Cry for Change?

Lockdown drill. Two words that strike a feeling of uncertainty into the minds of many students at ASW. Looking across the pond, lockdown drills are performed in about 70 percent of schools in America since the year 2000, according to Vox. With the rise of recent school invasions such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and the now more recent Stoneman Douglas shooting, the question … Continue reading Lockdown, A Cry for Change?

Studniówka is this Saturday

by Phoebe Sirotin Studniówka is an annual tradition here at ASW, where seniors celebrate the landmark of 100 days until the IB exams. The celebration originated several years ago, when a group of Polish students made the proposal to include Studniówka as part of the school’s annual festivities. In Polish schools, Studniówka is celebrated as the 100 days before the Matura, which is the Polish … Continue reading Studniówka is this Saturday

Wait, There’s More than One Thanksgiving?

by Taylor Bata What if you could have Thanksgiving more than once a year? Well if you’re into the holiday that much for some reason, you can! All you need to do is buy tickets to Canada, the United States and South Korea. Let’s begin our journey in the United States, the home of Thanksgiving. As many Americans know, the holiday symbolises the feast between … Continue reading Wait, There’s More than One Thanksgiving?

New Mural Unveiled

By Sua Yoo, Geunseok Song, and Jimin Park The American School of Warsaw hosted the street art unveiling ceremony on October 2. Students, teachers and parents gathered in front of the library at 8:00AM to check out the new murals. During the unveiling, three pieces of work created by students and street artist Mike Johnston, known as Truth, were exhibited. The biggest, a three-piece mural … Continue reading New Mural Unveiled

Film Club Seeking New Members

by Denny Cheong The ASW film club, which meets every Thursdays in the library , is seeking new members. The club is about making any and all kinds of films ranging from short movies to music videos. Everyone is welcome to join the film club and contribute to the films they make. The club plans to diversify their filmmaking this year. According Vitalya V., the … Continue reading Film Club Seeking New Members

Hey, Want to Know What’s Inside Antek Z’s Bag?

by Taylor Bata Celebrities from across the globe are always questioned about the contents of their purses, bags or satchels. To bring this tradition to ASW, we will be periodically asking students, Hey, What’s in your bag? Today, Antek Z will be in our line of questioning. He is currently a 10th grader who has a passion for the arts and sports. He would describe … Continue reading Hey, Want to Know What’s Inside Antek Z’s Bag?