The Vaccination Situation

by Jaewon Shin The whole world is suffering as the Corona lasts more than a year. Thanks to the efforts of medical staff and scientists, vaccines have been developed. According to the BBC, On December 8th, there was the first inoculation in England. The first country to get vaccinated is the United Kingdom.  The world’s first person to receive the vaccine on Saturday was a … Continue reading The Vaccination Situation

It’s Seasonal Depression Season!

by Sofie Velkova and Alex Gliwinski A month ago Poland ended daylight savings, plunging us into the depths of Winter and the darkness it entails. In just three weeks, on December 21, it will be the Winter Solstice which officially commences the beginning of Winter. And yet, for lots of us we’ve been in the thick of it for the past month as the days … Continue reading It’s Seasonal Depression Season!

COVID Water Fountains: What Pushes ASW to Make Environmentally-Conscious Decisions?

By Zofia Ciolek and Fiona Haze Among the many changes that students noticed when coming back to ASW for the 2020-2021 academic school year, the old water fountains had been replaced with Murdock (H₂O to go!) water fountains.  According to Mr. Young (the Finance and Operations Director at ASW), the decision to purchase new water fountains “started in May in connection with COVID mitigation plans … Continue reading COVID Water Fountains: What Pushes ASW to Make Environmentally-Conscious Decisions?

Coronavirus Affects Schools Throughout Asia

by Abaigeal Lorge and Zuzanna Kaczmarek With the coronavirus outbreak rapidly evolving, questions and rumours surrounding the global alarm are spreading.  The novel coronavirus, announced by the Chinese government in late December 2019, is described as a respiratory virus by the World Health Organization. It originally emerged from food markets in Wuhan, China, leaping from animals to humans. According to the WHO, the coronavirus is … Continue reading Coronavirus Affects Schools Throughout Asia

No Shave November Comes to ASW

by Marcell Veer Every year in November, the No Shave November Organization plans an event aimed to raise awareness and money for cancer prevention, research, and education. Their goal is to encourage participants to grow out their facial hair, and donate the money that they would have otherwise spent on shaving/grooming products. By doing this, they raised more than 1.76 million dollars just last year.  … Continue reading No Shave November Comes to ASW

The End of Plastic Cups at ASW

By Jake Lupu and Zofia Ciolek It was the first day of school following the Christmas break. As usual, a group of students walked into the cafeteria for their morning dose of hydration. Minds still a bit fuzzy after the long break, they only noticed the lack of something in the dispenser after one of them stuck their hand out to grab a drink. In … Continue reading The End of Plastic Cups at ASW