The Present is History

by Julia Owerko Empty shelves, queues to the supermarket and restrictions limiting our day to day activities. Sound familiar? That’s because we have lived in this kind of reality for a few months now. No school, no gatherings, no life beyond a computer screen and other forms of supplements to the life we once called ordinary.  But imagine this for a second: imagine that this, … Continue reading The Present is History

Opinion: The New Schedule, Two Weeks In

by Zuzanna Kaczmarek After 7 weeks of online school, on May 4th the ASW Board of Trustees decided to remain in online school for the remainder of the school year. Along with this decision, the administration chose to change the Upper School schedule by spreading one full school day over two consecutive mornings. Every Wednesday and Thursday in the month of May will be a … Continue reading Opinion: The New Schedule, Two Weeks In

What is to be Done?: History and the Coronavirus

By Liliana Stansberry  Is COVID-19 an example of history repeating itself, a repeat of the Spanish influenza pandemic that occurred almost exactly 100 years ago?  How do these two deadly pandemics compare and what have we learned from the past that can help us battle this current global issue?  The Spanish Influenza pandemic began in January 1918 and lasted till December 1920 and infected a … Continue reading What is to be Done?: History and the Coronavirus

Personal History: Imperfectly Sustainable

by Kalina Mioduski Until a year ago, every time a sad truth about the current state of the environment came up, that is all I’d consider it: a sad truth–nothing I had any control over.  What triggered a change in me was a quote one could find on a bumper sticker, a quote often mistakenly attributed to Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see … Continue reading Personal History: Imperfectly Sustainable

Coffee House Returns: A Review

by Jake Lupu Monday not only marked the beginning of yet another school week – still a couple more to go before the end of the school year – but also the start of this year’s Coffee House. Right after classes ended (or lunch, for freshmen and sophomores), students and teachers flocked to the HS commons to try to get themselves some good spots. The … Continue reading Coffee House Returns: A Review