New Food from Unconventional Means

by Taylor Bata A new hot meal vending machine was installed early last week next to the cafeteria. Some claim that it is a Black Mirror-esque installation that cuts the human experience out of buying a lunch, while others say it’s just a convenient way to avoid the line in the cafeteria for some quick food in a pinch. Either way you slice it, it … Continue reading New Food from Unconventional Means

Back Gate Closure Causes a Traffic Conundrum

by Michał Korczewski As of Tuesday, February 6th, ASW’s back gate is closed to traffic. According to an email from the ASW Director, Mr.Zurfluh, “We have lost access to the road that provides access to the back of the campus.” This means that teachers, students, and parents will need to use the main entrance exclusively to enter and leave the school grounds. In an email … Continue reading Back Gate Closure Causes a Traffic Conundrum

Studniówka is this Saturday

by Phoebe Sirotin Studniówka is an annual tradition here at ASW, where seniors celebrate the landmark of 100 days until the IB exams. The celebration originated several years ago, when a group of Polish students made the proposal to include Studniówka as part of the school’s annual festivities. In Polish schools, Studniówka is celebrated as the 100 days before the Matura, which is the Polish … Continue reading Studniówka is this Saturday

A Slimy Święta for Chaberek and SPARK Science

by Annabell Werner Can you imagine celebrating Christmas with Slime and Elephant Toothpaste? Chaberek and SPARK Science had this opportunity last Thursday, December 14th after school. Chaberek and ASW have been collaborating for 5 years. The ASW club meets every Thursday after school and is trying to teach children from Chaberek, a center in downtown Warsaw for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, English through fun activities. … Continue reading A Slimy Święta for Chaberek and SPARK Science