Back Gate Closure Causes a Traffic Conundrum

by Michał Korczewski As of Tuesday, February 6th, ASW’s back gate is closed to traffic. According to an email from the ASW Director, Mr.Zurfluh, “We have lost access to the road that provides access to the back of the campus.” This means that teachers, students, and parents will need to use the main entrance exclusively to enter and leave the school grounds. In an email … Continue reading Back Gate Closure Causes a Traffic Conundrum

Studniówka is this Saturday

by Phoebe Sirotin Studniówka is an annual tradition here at ASW, where seniors celebrate the landmark of 100 days until the IB exams. The celebration originated several years ago, when a group of Polish students made the proposal to include Studniówka as part of the school’s annual festivities. In Polish schools, Studniówka is celebrated as the 100 days before the Matura, which is the Polish … Continue reading Studniówka is this Saturday

Human Rights-Themed Coffee House Tomorrow

by Grace Oh ASW Coffee House is back this Friday, December 1st, but this time, with a theme. This Friday, the Coffee House is coming back as a Human Rights Coffee House. From this week’s coffee house, you can expect a lot of songs that are related to peace and equality. Five performers are expected to perform this week, Ella D. (9) with her ukulele, … Continue reading Human Rights-Themed Coffee House Tomorrow

International Potluck Moved to November this Year

By Sneha Ramshanker During lunch this Tuesday, the high schoolers gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy a delicious ‘international’ potluck lunch prepared by the high school parents. The potluck featured a wide variety of cuisines including food from Korea, Poland, India, and America. This potluck is an annual tradition at ASW and typically occurs in mid-October, during UN week. The purpose of the lunch is … Continue reading International Potluck Moved to November this Year