Student Voices Heard in Warsaw Climate Strike

by Taylor Bata March 15, 2019, a day to remember for a multitude of reasons, but for the estimated 12 thousand youths marching in Warsaw, it was their opportunity to raise their concerns about climate change. Organized by Młodzieżowy Strajk Klimatyczny, a student group based in Warsaw, this protest took the streets from the Place of Culture and Science, all the way to the steps … Continue reading Student Voices Heard in Warsaw Climate Strike

Why Share a Coke When You Can Watch Vlad Drink One?

If you’re one of the thousands of Instagram and FaceBook users in the greater Warsaw area, you may have seen this ad (among others) on your feed mid-January. As this advertisement was posted online, many students around ASW have seen it and wondered, why, how, and when this event happened. Look familiar? Well, that’s none other than Vlad V, a senior at our school starring in … Continue reading Why Share a Coke When You Can Watch Vlad Drink One?

ASW Alumna Produces Documentary

By Zofia Ciołek As a school that has been around for over sixty years, ASW is proud to have many notable alumni. And one of them, Klaudia Gainza, American School of Warsaw graduate of the class of 2005, has produced what might be a feature documentary: Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight. Last Friday, Ms. Gainza took the time to come back to ASW and … Continue reading ASW Alumna Produces Documentary

New Faces: Mr. Simon

by Annabell Werner With a new school year starting, ASW gained new members to the community. One of them is Mr. Noel Simon, a new addition to the Learning Support department. Mr. Simon and his wife, who is originally from Ohio, US, moved here from Beijing, China, where they worked at the Western Academy of Beijing. According to Mr. Simon, the decision of moving here … Continue reading New Faces: Mr. Simon

Ms. Michalyca Coming Home

by Zofia Ciolek After spending eleven years in ASW, Ms. Michalyca, currently teaching grade 7 Social Studies, will be returning to her hometown in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Many students from older grade levels might associate her classes with interesting and challenging projects such as the Roman Power Project, the Kraków Trip Video or memorising the Canadian provinces and being able to place them … Continue reading Ms. Michalyca Coming Home

A Different World: Ms. McLean off to Columbia

By Annabell Werner Ms. McLean has been a teacher in ASW’s learning support for the last two years. Now, she heads off to Medellín, Columbia. Ms. McLean came from a school in Curaçao in the Caribbean. For her, this was a change. She described how in Curaçao, the weather is lot more tropical and sunny than it is here in Warsaw. Schoolwise several things changed … Continue reading A Different World: Ms. McLean off to Columbia