Studniówka is this Saturday

by Phoebe Sirotin Studniówka is an annual tradition here at ASW, where seniors celebrate the landmark of 100 days until the IB exams. The celebration originated several years ago, when a group of Polish students made the proposal to include Studniówka as part of the school’s annual festivities. In Polish schools, Studniówka is celebrated as the 100 days before the Matura, which is the Polish … Continue reading Studniówka is this Saturday

Soundtrack of My Life with Guy

by Sara Motlik The ASW community is filled with interesting personalities, and this series aims to discover the musical favourites of high school students with alternative and tastes in music. This month, we interviewed Guy B., an 11th grader in whose life music plays a very important role. He has his own band and a lot to say about his favourite artists. Warrior News: What … Continue reading Soundtrack of My Life with Guy

North East vs. South East- A Hong Kong Conference Write Up

Twenty seven hours of pure journalistic workshops over a period of three days can do wonders for a still-budding high school newspaper. On November 27th, the Warrior Journalists returned from their partnered news conference with the Hong Kong International School. Characterization and tension were two themes that were focused on heavily at the conference, and the journalists participated in workshops to hone these important skills. … Continue reading North East vs. South East- A Hong Kong Conference Write Up

Teachers Before They Were Teachers: Mr. LaBarge Edition

By Ji Ji Kim Teaching the young generation and inspiring them to enjoy learning are valuable and rewarding life experiences, which is why a lot of people choose to become teachers. Mr. Denny LaBarge, the IB physics teacher, had also found pleasure in teaching and had decided to enter the field of education after years of being an engineer and a business consultant in the … Continue reading Teachers Before They Were Teachers: Mr. LaBarge Edition

Igor M.: Hidden Celebrity

by Grace Oh and Denny Cheong It all started during summer break when Igor M.’s brother, a graphic design student, was using Photoshop to create images. Out of curiosity, Igor asked his brother to teach him Photoshop, and subsequently had classes with him every day. Now Igor, a 9th grader, has an instagram account named football_showcase. It currently has around 2500 followers. “After a couple … Continue reading Igor M.: Hidden Celebrity

Human Rights-Themed Coffee House Tomorrow

by Grace Oh ASW Coffee House is back this Friday, December 1st, but this time, with a theme. This Friday, the Coffee House is coming back as a Human Rights Coffee House. From this week’s coffee house, you can expect a lot of songs that are related to peace and equality. Five performers are expected to perform this week, Ella D. (9) with her ukulele, … Continue reading Human Rights-Themed Coffee House Tomorrow