Spike It! Boys’ Volleyball Begins Its Pre-Season

by Taylor Bata After laying dormant for a year (save for the occasional game or tournament), Boys’ Volleyball is back and the sound of court shoes scuffing on the floor of the Annex Building’s Gym is heard once more. With almost a whole month of tri-weekly practices under their belts, the boys are getting ready for the upcoming Invitational Tournament in Vienna. This friendly competition … Continue reading Spike It! Boys’ Volleyball Begins Its Pre-Season

Varsity Boys Basketball Takes 4th in Bucharest

by Annabell Werner From Wednesday, March 8th to Saturday, March 11th, Varsity Boys basketball travelled to Bucharest, where they finished 4th in the CEESA tournament. From the beginning of the season the Varsity Boys looked very much forward to competing in the CEESA tournament happening in the end of the season. Getting closer to their meet, the team got closer and created “a special bond amongst them”, … Continue reading Varsity Boys Basketball Takes 4th in Bucharest

JV Boys Baskeball Tournament

by Sneha Ramshanker Last weekend, ASW hosted the HS CEESA JV basketball tournament and both the JV boys teams (JV A and JV B) performed extremely well with the JV A team placing 3rd and the JV B team fifth 5th. Overall, the tournament was packed with action. The boys put all their months of training to the test and fought hard throughout the tournament. Matthew Batchelder (9) – … Continue reading JV Boys Baskeball Tournament

Undefeated SCIS Volleyball Champions

by Adrianna Carter Varsity boys’ volleyball returned last Sunday as the undefeated SCIS champions. Following in the older boys’ footsteps, JV won bronze at the tournament in Budapest. Over the course of 4 matches and 14 sets, only two sets were lost, one in each of two matches –and according to Coach Merritt, the boys “swept the other three sets” in the best of 5 … Continue reading Undefeated SCIS Volleyball Champions