Mysterious Fire Drill (Who’s the Perp?)

Perp as in perpetrator. On September 17th, at approximately 1:35, during an overtime assembly that was eating into DP lunch, the fire alarm was set off. The entire school exited the building and went to their designated meeting spots. This may have seemed like a routine fire drill, but there was one problem. This execution of protocol had already been carried out a week before. … Continue reading Mysterious Fire Drill (Who’s the Perp?)

Library Reopens after Fire

by Annabell Werner After the fire on the November 30th 2016, the ASW library was closed due to smoke damage. Now it reopens after over a month of renovation. Since Thursday, January 19th students have been welcome to go and use the library again. According to Mrs. McComb the cleaning was a massive job, because of a thick black cloud settling down on the surface of … Continue reading Library Reopens after Fire

Cafeteria Reopens after Fire

by Jeong Bin Lee After more than a month of work and renovation, on Monday, January 9th, 2017, the ASW students were welcomed back into the reopened cafeteria. When entering the new cafeteria, the most notable feature is the brighter blue lighting inside of the cafeteria due to the installation of LED ceiling lights. There are also newer and larger beverage coolers, repaved floor tiles, … Continue reading Cafeteria Reopens after Fire

Fire Closes ASW for Two Days

by Diana Stoyanova and Sneha Ramshanker Last Wednesday at around 6 p.m. a refrigerator in the ASW cafeteria burst into flames and smoke engulfed the rest of the school, resulting in the cancellation of classes for two days.   The fire was caused by the malfunction of a refrigeration unit in the cafeteria. According to Mr. Sheehan, a videotape from the security cameras shows the lights … Continue reading Fire Closes ASW for Two Days