Mysterious Fire Drill (Who’s the Perp?)

Perp as in perpetrator. On September 17th, at approximately 1:35, during an overtime assembly that was eating into DP lunch, the fire alarm was set off. The entire school exited the building and went to their designated meeting spots. This may have seemed like a routine fire drill, but there was one problem. This execution of protocol had already been carried out a week before. … Continue reading Mysterious Fire Drill (Who’s the Perp?)

Lockdown, A Cry for Change?

Lockdown drill. Two words that strike a feeling of uncertainty into the minds of many students at ASW. Looking across the pond, lockdown drills are performed in about 70 percent of schools in America since the year 2000, according to Vox. With the rise of recent school invasions such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and the now more recent Stoneman Douglas shooting, the question … Continue reading Lockdown, A Cry for Change?

New Food from Unconventional Means

by Taylor Bata A new hot meal vending machine was installed early last week next to the cafeteria. Some claim that it is a Black Mirror-esque installation that cuts the human experience out of buying a lunch, while others say it’s just a convenient way to avoid the line in the cafeteria for some quick food in a pinch. Either way you slice it, it … Continue reading New Food from Unconventional Means