Lockdown, A Cry for Change?

Lockdown drill. Two words that strike a feeling of uncertainty into the minds of many students at ASW. Looking across the pond, lockdown drills are performed in about 70 percent of schools in America since the year 2000, according to Vox. With the rise of recent school invasions such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and the now more recent Stoneman Douglas shooting, the question … Continue reading Lockdown, A Cry for Change?

The Start of a New Era in ASW Design

by Taylor Bata Many people at ASW are already aware of the Design Center. Its futuristic white walls and open concept work spaces stand out in a school made up of beige floor tiles and light yellow hallways. The Center has been hosting classes and after school clubs since August of 2016, but on January 26th, it had its Grand Opening.   Students, teachers, parents … Continue reading The Start of a New Era in ASW Design

Cafeteria Reopens after Fire

by Jeong Bin Lee After more than a month of work and renovation, on Monday, January 9th, 2017, the ASW students were welcomed back into the reopened cafeteria. When entering the new cafeteria, the most notable feature is the brighter blue lighting inside of the cafeteria due to the installation of LED ceiling lights. There are also newer and larger beverage coolers, repaved floor tiles, … Continue reading Cafeteria Reopens after Fire

Fire Closes ASW for Two Days

by Diana Stoyanova and Sneha Ramshanker Last Wednesday at around 6 p.m. a refrigerator in the ASW cafeteria burst into flames and smoke engulfed the rest of the school, resulting in the cancellation of classes for two days.   The fire was caused by the malfunction of a refrigeration unit in the cafeteria. According to Mr. Sheehan, a videotape from the security cameras shows the lights … Continue reading Fire Closes ASW for Two Days

9th Grade Heads Downtown

by Yoo Jin Lim and Jeong Bin Lee On Tuesday, November 29th, the grade 9 class went to the National Museum and the Palace of Culture and Science located in the centre of Warsaw. There were different activities for the grade to complete in groups. In the Palace of Culture and Science, students had the opportunity first to examine the architecture of the building and … Continue reading 9th Grade Heads Downtown

JV Girl’s Volleyball Returns from Switzerland

by Taylor Bata The Junior Varsity Girl’s Volleyball team finished fourth out of nine at the SCIS Tournament in Basel, Switzerland. The girls played five matches in total, and put forth a great effort in each one. They won two of the games, and sadly lost the other three by only a couple of points. The team can all agree that the most exciting game … Continue reading JV Girl’s Volleyball Returns from Switzerland