Hey, Want to Know What’s Inside Antek Z’s Bag?

by Taylor Bata Celebrities from across the globe are always questioned about the contents of their purses, bags or satchels. To bring this tradition to ASW, we will be periodically asking students, Hey, What’s in your bag? Today, Antek Z will be in our line of questioning. He is currently a 10th grader who has a passion for the arts and sports. He would describe … Continue reading Hey, Want to Know What’s Inside Antek Z’s Bag?

8th Grade Visits High School on “Fly Up Day”

By Fiona Haze, Sophia Ciolek, Natalia Sosna & Jake Lupu Transitions are part of life, and one major change that the eighth graders are going through is ‘soaring’ over from Middle School to High School. On the 24th of March, the future ninth graders got the opportunity to experience a simulation of a normal High School day. They spent the whole day stumbling through the … Continue reading 8th Grade Visits High School on “Fly Up Day”

The Teacher’s Victory

by Kasia Hope and Sneha Ramshanker Were you there to witness the annual ASW Dodgeball Tournament finale? After many lunches spent playing other teams, the Juniors rose to the top. As the winners amongst the various student teams, they were challenged with an ultimate showdown against the teachers. The Juniors suffered a quick defeat as the teachers persistently got their players out. We interviewed some … Continue reading The Teacher’s Victory

Behind the Scenes of Agnieszka Holland’s Visit

by Tina Nguyen On February 15, Agnieszka Holland, a Polish film director, visited our school to talk about filmmaking, Polish cinema and culture, women working in the film industry, and her views on politics. Iga Lis (11) held the panel interview with the director. As one of the organizers, Iga shared insights into the planning of the event as well as her experience. How did you … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Agnieszka Holland’s Visit

Upcoming Dodgeball Tournament

by Tina Nguyen Today and tomorrow, all high students are encouraged to sign up for the Athletics Council’s annual dodgeball tournament. The tournament starts next Tuesday lunch. This Friday lunch, the Athletic Council will be selling popcorn, but everyone who is signed up until then will get some for free! To enter the tournament, you will need to: – Have a max of 10 people … Continue reading Upcoming Dodgeball Tournament