Does School Prepare Us for Life?

by Vera Jagielski How well does the school prepare us for life outside of the academics? When we leave the school after graduating will we be able to handle everything that the world throws our way? Will we be prepared enough to endure everything that adulthood requires? Will we know everything that adulthood requires? A while back I came across an article written by a … Continue reading Does School Prepare Us for Life?

ASW MUN Heads to Berlin

by Annabell Werner BERMUN is a conference imitating the United Nations and all its committees. This year the conference will be hosted for the 27th time by the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, Germany. This year’s conference is attended by about 76 schools from  24 countries. From those, about 700 delegates will be separated into ten committees, in addition to students working in the … Continue reading ASW MUN Heads to Berlin

Better than What?: Warrior Awards Shake Up Competition at ASW

By Natalia Dokla Humans, like many other living organisms, are programmed to survive. It is only natural that we compete against others to establish dominance, earn respect, and make ourselves a harder target. In the context of school, students experience the adrenaline of academic competition when they try to establish academic superiority over their peers. The presence of competition in a learning environment is inevitable. … Continue reading Better than What?: Warrior Awards Shake Up Competition at ASW

ASW Alumna Produces Documentary

By Zofia Ciołek As a school that has been around for over sixty years, ASW is proud to have many notable alumni. And one of them, Klaudia Gainza, American School of Warsaw graduate of the class of 2005, has produced what might be a feature documentary: Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight. Last Friday, Ms. Gainza took the time to come back to ASW and … Continue reading ASW Alumna Produces Documentary

Just Code and the Gardening Club Add to ASW Clubs

By Jake Lupu The Just Code club and the Gardening Club are both new after school activities at ASW this year. Just Code is ASW’s very own coding club, organised by Mr. MacKenty, HS computer science teacher. Meeting every Thursday after school in the computer class room, members spend around an hour just coding. The main purpose of Just Code is so students “fall in … Continue reading Just Code and the Gardening Club Add to ASW Clubs

Business Management Comes to ASW

By Defne Apaydin This school year, ASW gained a new class with a new teacher: Business Management and Mr. Dachpian. According to Mr. Dachpian the decision to move to Warsaw was quite spontaneous and exciting. “I was standing in line at a Popeyes Louisiana Fried Kitchen waiting for my order of spicy chicken wings in Istanbul, Turkey when the guy in line next to me … Continue reading Business Management Comes to ASW