Does School Prepare Us for Life?

by Vera Jagielski How well does the school prepare us for life outside of the academics? When we leave the school after graduating will we be able to handle everything that the world throws our way? Will we be prepared enough to endure everything that adulthood requires? Will we know everything that adulthood requires? A while back I came across an article written by a … Continue reading Does School Prepare Us for Life?

ASW Students Fundraising for Sapa O’Chau

by Fiona Haze and Jemma Jones On the end of the school year, Sofia D. and Aleksandra N. are hoping that they will have raised 7,000 PLN for a trip to Sapa O’Chau, an organization they are fundraising for. They would like to travel to Sapa in the summer as well as visiting Hanoi. If everything goes as planned, they will be taking eight students … Continue reading ASW Students Fundraising for Sapa O’Chau

HS Halls Nearly Decked

by Yoo Jin Lim and the Warrior News Staff The annual grade competition, Deck the Hall, ends tomorrow, December 10th, 2018. The aim of this competition is to bring the grades together, and to raise holiday spirit yet it also results in a lot of stress and conflict. The points are based on a newly-created criteria from the student government that assesses the creativity, originality, … Continue reading HS Halls Nearly Decked

Psychology Students visit IPIN

by Denny Cheong On Tuesday, November 27 senior psychology students visited the Instytut Psychiatrii i Neurologii w Warszawie (IPIN), a psychiatric hospital located in Wilanow, to learn more about mental disorders. According to Mr. Cokerdem, he wants psychology class “material to be as real and relevant as possible to students,” as he believes in “Making the world your classroom.” “I am seeking to partner with … Continue reading Psychology Students visit IPIN